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vg224 sccp Auto Registration

I have 14 vg224's that are configured as IOS SCCP gateways. I can manually configure the ports in CCM but the ports will not auto register like they did on a vg248. Does this feature still work, if so, any thoughts on getting it to work? ccm 4.2(3). I have auto-reg working with IP phones (using it with TAPS).


Re: vg224 sccp Auto Registration


Run the following statemnet on SQL Query Analyzer targetting the current CCM database:

Insert into Defaults ( pkid, tkModel ) values ('{3288B93E-EF0D-4EC1-A904-15932F797A44}', '30032' )

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Re: vg224 sccp Auto Registration

Hi, I hope you VG224 starts working fine :--)

I am alsoabout to install 14 VG224 With CCM 4.1.3..

I am planing to use MGCP and looking for your advice on that either I use H323 or MGCP at gateways ..?

Also any help regarding how to configure VG224 and see it in CCM will be higly appreciated .as I never worked on these gears before ...waiting to hear from you

Also is your Auto registeration is issue is solved ..let me know also

Kind Regards,


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Re: vg224 sccp Auto Registration

I recommend using vg224 with h323 if there are going to be any fax/modem traffic on them. You will need to configure the dial peers in the vg224 for dialing out and route patterns in the ccm for dialing in. It really comes down to what type of analog device you will be using this for.

As far as ccm config.

For MGCP....

Device->Gateway->Add New Gateway

Choose vg224->MGCP

Type in the MGCP domain name which is the hostname of you vg224 and make sure the hostname is pingable from your ccm. I normally put this name/ip combo in the "hosts" file.

for h323...

.Device->Gateway->Add New

.choose h323 then the h225 protocol is automatically chosen (only available option)

.Now input the IP address of the vg into the domain name field (or use a DNS/Hosts name but I usually use IP myself). Then you configure route patterns to point to the gateway.

The auto registration issue is not resolved. I was in a time crunch so I had to configure them manually. The SQL fix described earlier did not fix my issue. The SQL entry was already there.

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Re: vg224 sccp Auto Registration

Thanks Bro...

I will follow your advices


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