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I am in the process of setting up several VG224's for fax machines that will route their calls via CallManager 7.0. I see that the VG224 will support either MGCP or SCCP. I have always configured my voice gateways for MGCP, but I'm not sure if there was any advantage to running SCCP on the VG224's? Documentation seems to be very vague for the VG224 in this regard. Which is a better bet MGCP or SCCP?

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Re: VG224 SCCP or MGCP?


I'd recommend SCCP for vg224's because SCCP has a richer set of features supported for the phone endpoints that MGCP can provide.

Including simplified fail-over to the local voice gateway running SRST.


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Re: VG224 SCCP or MGCP?

Would you happen to have a good link for configuring SCCP on the VG224's? I can't seem to find any good guides on CCO. Also, with SCCP can I still push dial peers and other configurations to the router like with MGCP or will I have to manually configure those?

Re: VG224 SCCP or MGCP?

Hi Jim,

I don't know if you already saw this link, but here you can find how to configure your VG224 and integrate to CallManager via SCCP.

Take a look at:

Enabling SCCP on the Voice Gateway.

Enabling the STC Application for Analog FXS Ports.

Configuration Examples for Configuring FXS Ports for Basic Calls (here you can see an example that shows a configuration for a Cisco VG224 Analog Phone Gateway).

Hope this helps you.

Best regards,

- Adrián.

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Re: VG224 SCCP or MGCP?

Thanks for the link. From looking at that compared to using MGCP that I am more used to. It seems like the configuration is a lot simpler on MGCP in comparison to SCCP and I can push a lot of the configuration parameters right from callmanager. What are the advantages of running sccp over MGCP for faxes? These VG224's will be at my host site so the SRST failover is not a requirement.

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