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VG224 with Auto registration

Has anyone tried this? I have about 10 VG224s I was thinking of using TAPS. I have existing IP phones that are registered with Extensions. My analog ports will be shared lines with each IP phones DN.

So for example. IP phone DN x4000 is online and working. I have VG224 port 1 punchdown to that room. I want to autoregister that port, then use TAPS to assign the DN x4000 to that analog port.

Good or no? I know TAPS is a little flaky with shared lines, but I think I have that figured out. Someone mentioned not setting the External Mask and shared line taps works.


Re: VG224 with Auto registration

Auto-registration is not supported for VG224 analog port on CCM yet.

Re: VG224 with Auto registration

There is a SCCP auto configuration feature that will have the VG224 FXS ports auto-register like an IP phone.

The feature was more officially rolled out with the VG202 and VG204, but it applies to all SCCP controlled FXS ports. It's kind of a stealth feature that not many know about, but has used many of the things that makes MGCP so popular and applied it to SCCP.

Here is the guide for VG202's:



Re: VG224 with Auto registration

oh man! That would have been nice. But I still could not use TAPS because there is Phone Template for "Analog Phone" which stinks.

We could have used this, then auto register the ports, then TAP the the analog phones.

Sweet tip though! Great for tracing out ports

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