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i wonder if VG224 can in somehow be integrated with a traditional PBX while in the same time all analog phones connected to this VG224 and of course this VG224 is connected to the ip network (through wan with CCM being in HQ), the purpose is that once the wan gets down all analog phones still supported by the traditional existing pbx and note that there is no possibility to run srst on the existing access router at this site?!

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Re: VG224

Absolutely, if you have an access router it can run SRST and control the VG224 when WAN is down.

Note that is not said that VG224 is always a good idea. First, it is quite expensive and you end with the same basic analog phones, with almost the same money per port you could get at least the basic ephone like the 7906 at least.

Second if you really need the FSX ports you can use something like NM-HDA or EVM-HD with the daughter cards in the access router and have the same or almost density with one device less.

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Re: VG224

thanks p.bevilacqua for ur quick response, but note that i ask about a case where there is no possibility to run srst on the access router at this site, and wonder if there is a possibility that all analog phones connected to this VG224 will be supported by the existing pbx at this site during the wan failure?


Re: VG224

I don't think there is any way to register the vg224 ports on the pbx, unless of course the pbx supports SCCP. ;)

However, depending on how far you want to go, you can consider an automatic transfer switch of some type. I came across this the other day thanks to some input from a list I am on.

If you set it up correctly, every phone attached to the vg224 could automatically flip to a pair on the PBX. They would have to be analog pairs, but it should work.

Getting the the thing to work automatically with the available logic gates is the tricky part.

I would invest in a cheap ISR if it were me.

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Re: VG224

CorreCt, even a 1751v can do support SRTS _and_ ISDN backup, that appears better than tricky solutions involving legacy PBX.

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