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vg248 Config

When configuring the ports in a vg248 do I configure them from the vg248 itself and mimic the settings in CallManager or do I leave the ports on the vg248 at the default settings and configure them in CallManager only? If they are set up at the vg248 and the settings are different on the CallManager, who overrides who?

Thanks, Ken


Re: vg248 Config

I usually set them at vg248 level, as i have seen that some of the settings at CM level dont seem to affect the VG248 setting at all. For safety you may want to set both ends to same setting otherwise.

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Re: vg248 Config

Hi Ken,

Like Shanky noted (correctly as usual :) I have found that some settings do not work unless setup in both places. For example MWI -if you wanted Caller-ID + Stutter it had to be set in Product Specific Configuration on the VG Port in CCM and on the Telephony>Port Specific Parameters on the VG (kind of a bummer but it works well after setup).

The other note I thought I should pass along is that if you remove a VG/Port/Phone via CCM make sure you disable the port in the VG config or you will get millions of Transient Connection Attempts in the CCM Error Monitor.

Hope this helps!


Re: vg248 Config

Good point Rob, the last thing you want to have is a bunch of errors which are transient because the Vg248 tries to register every few seconds.

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Re: vg248 Config

Thanks for all the help guys. I really appreciate your taking time to give me a hand.


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