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VG248 & cucm 6.1.2 problem first call

The situation: I have one vg248 with these release, Software version : 1.3(2) - DSP firmware version : 3.6(25C) - Loader version : 1.0(1) .  It is register to CUCM  6.1.2  with protocol sccp and it has 27 analog port configured of 48.  
The problem: 
much analog ports function correctly, but six ports lose first call ( If I redial inside 8 second the call succeed ). I lose the first call on the following iccident:
1) If I call from external phone, for example cellular phone.
2) If I call from internal phone (that is register to same call manager but external site),
3) If I call from one internal of that same vg248. 
All test that I described above I have try with another internal and I haven't anyone problem. Only six ports, I have this problem of the 27 analog port configured .

When I lose the call, I hear on the my cp7911 telephone the ringing and I see on the display  "calling in progress " fallow the ringing and immediately appear "connect" and after (1second) the call closes.

To the calling number not happen nothing. not ringing .  

Please,Do you have any suggestion for help me. thanks.

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