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Video conference on CCM 5.1

Hi everyone,

now trying to setup some cameras and having a slight issue.

i have 2 VT cameras setup as well as a 7985 phone. single calls work meaning im seeing video when i place a call from one phone to the next. if i try to conference however, the video drops but audio remains.

The video bandwidth is the default setting and the codec we are using is G729.

any ideas of whats going on?


Re: Video conference on CCM 5.1

Anyone with any suggestions? codec issue maybe?

New Member

Re: Video conference on CCM 5.1

Control your MCU configuration and control in the call manager that your devices can use it!!!



Re: Video conference on CCM 5.1

As giovannicorduas alluded to you need an MCU of some sort for more than 2 video endpoints.

MeetingPlace Express 2.0 (scheduled, reservationless, or ah-hoc modes) The video will be voice activated switched. The two talking people will see one another. If the three people start arguing at the same time(hehe) it switches all over the place.

MeetingPlace Express VT 2.0 (only supports ad hoc). Same - video switched.

For an MCU you can go with the 3515 MCU or other MCU models. They are pretty expensive by have a TON of features such as Continuous Presence, more vid conf attendees, etc.

The Continuous Presence means "all" the video participants can see everyone else. Forgot the max number. Looks like brady-bunch or Hollywood squares. You can configure the layout also. (2x2 grid, 3x3 grid, etc.)


Re: Video conference on CCM 5.1


sorry for the late response

thanks a mil for the responses. ended up reading the manual :) hehehe and got all the information. nevertheless, great info and thanks

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