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video sip - h323


i got this error with the RTMT trace :

"Cannot convert SDP pt=2 to CM payload type"

when i try to made a video call from a sip device to an h323 device .

This are the entire

our client has a sip device with video capabilites on the CM 6.1 and try to make a video call with another device who support only h323 reside on a gatekeeper ( CM talk with the gatekeeper with a trunk h225 gatekeeper controled ).If we made this video call from a sip device to another sip device everything works fine. When we try to make a video call from a sip device to h323 device it pass only the audio , the video doesn't work and now i see this error. What this mean ? There is anbody who can help me with this issue ?

Thank you very much

this are the singificant part from the th output file with the error:


o=9994 8000 8000 IN IP4

s=SIP Call

c=IN IP4

t=0 0

m=audio 5004 RTP/AVP 0 8 4 18 3 2 101


a=rtpmap:0 PCMU/8000

a=rtpmap:8 PCMA/8000

a=rtpmap:4 G723/8000

a=rtpmap:18 G729/8000

a=rtpmap:3 GSM/8000

a=rtpmap:2 G726-32/8000


a=rtpmap:101 telephone-event/8000

a=fmtp:101 0-11

m=video 5006 RTP/AVP 99 34 103


a=rtpmap:99 H264/90000

a=fmtp:99 profile-level-id=428014; packetization-mode=0; sprop-parameter-sets=Z0KADJWgUH5A,aM4XII==

a=rtpmap:34 H263/90000

a=fmtp:34 CIF=2 MaxBR=1280

a=rtpmap:103 H263-1998/90000

a=fmtp:103 CIF=2 MaxBR=1280


|<CLID::cm name-Cluster><NID::10.x.x.x><CT::1,100,185,1.1039411><IP::><DEV::><LVL::State Transition><MASK::20000>

03/03/2009 17:20:35.387 CCM|//SIP/SIPHandler(1,84,1)/ccbId=0/scbId=0/getCodecAndFramesFromSDP: -- Error!!!!! Cannot convert SDP pt=2 to CM payload type

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