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Voice-Card 0 missing

I have a router that was write erased and when that happened the voice-card 0 that handles the dspfarm disappeared is there a way to get that back?


Re: Voice-Card 0 missing

if im not mistaken you have to specify card-type. Below is an excerpt from the command lookup tool. hope it helps

To configure a T1 or E1 card type, use the card type command in global configuration mode. To deselect the card type on non-SPA platforms, use the no form of this command. The no form of this command is not available on the SPA platforms.

card type {t1 | e1} slot [bay]

no card type {t1 | e1} slot [bay]

Channelized T/E1 Shared Port Adapters

card type {t1 | e1} slot subslot

Community Member

Re: Voice-Card 0 missing

Their is no Card in it. T1 or otherwise these routers come with that voice-card 0 in it.

Cisco Employee

Re: Voice-Card 0 missing

Two possible reasons -

1) No DSP's. Do a SH diag to confirm you have the DSP's located on the motherboard slots.

2) Incorrect IOS feature set with no voice support - do a SH VERSION and confirm you are using an IPvoice or similar feature set. The reload could be loading another non voice release of code if you have multiple versions on the router's flash.

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