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Voice flow through ASA after upgrade

Hi everybody thanks for a great forum.

I wasnt sure where to address this, but here goes

I upgraded an ASA 5505 (this is not a firewall question though) from 8.2(5) to 9.1(4). A leap of faith if you know what i mean hehe. Anyway, they have a CME with (in the 8.2 config) 2 nats one TCP and one UDP to 5060 (SIP). Right, it worked fine untill the upgrade ofcourse.

Now finally i got the voice part working, but only by removing one nat (the UDP). I cleared the xlate table and prepared some traces before i tested with a call to a number in there.

And what i saw kind of confused me a bit because the invite comes in over UDP(5060)... Even though i disabled the NAT statement for that?!

This is propably a silly question but how does that work. How can the invite get through to the CME when the NAT is gone? The other funny part is, if i disable the TCP NAT, and enable the UDP NAT it stops working entirely and all i get is a busy tone!

Then when i reenable the TCP NAT (i have to also disable the UDP NAT) i have to wait for a bit before it starts working again.

Hope you guys can shed some light over this.

Cheers everybody


Voice flow through ASA after upgrade

Can you compare the ASA config before and after upgrade?

Check the presence of "inspect sip" and try to disable the inspection.


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