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Voice Gateway, Dial peers and Call Manager

I have inbound calls for an IVR server that come in on one local and two 800 numbers.

It is more economical to have the local number split from the 800 numbers and we need to configure the local number to only use 10 channels.

Can you create a seperate dial-peer for the local number and limit it to 10 channels and point it to the IVR route point from Call Manager?

Also create a dial-peer for the 800 numbers and point them to the same IVR route point from call manager?


Re: Voice Gateway, Dial peers and Call Manager

It's me again. lol. Found your linked post.

Or that SIP trunk you were talking about in the "Understanding IPCC, CAll Manager" thread.

What kind of circuits are these numbers going to come in on? For example, the local number will come in on an ISDN PRI. The 800 numbers will come in on two other ISDN PRI circuits.

Are other numbers going to be on the circuit the local number is on? Trying to determine WHY you need to limit the number to 10.

We may be able to use the "max conn 10" command on an outgoing dial peer to limit the number of connections to 10.

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Re: Voice Gateway, Dial peers and Call Manager


This is all related, the original design was no good, so it is being redone by Verizon.

These numbers are all foing to be on the same DS3, they will trunk the different groups of numbers.

We have

regular local numbers

800 for a service we provide

local number for the service we provide

Verizon says they can save us money by seperating the 800 and local numbers into differnet trunks.

They want to put the regular local numbers and the service local number in the same trunk, but we will need to make sure that the service numbers do not overwhelm the regular numbers, so we need to limit the number of channels the service number can use.

I was thinking we could limit with the "max-conn 10"

Presently we are getting the calls from a NORTEL system and the service and local 800 numbers are converted with:

IDGT 1234 CDGT 2468

IDGT 1235 CDGT 2468

Then sent to Call Manager within the Cisco Voice Gateway.

Is there any way for me to find out how many calls are originating from the IDGT 1234 number?


Re: Voice Gateway, Dial peers and Call Manager

You would have to ask your Nortel people to see if they can run a report for the IDGT of 1234.

Problem with the max-conn 10 is the call already came in on your trunk line. But you might not overwhelm because the call would disconnect faster, freeing up the channel faster.

The best way may be to have Verizon limit the call paths for that phone number to 10 so it never gets sent over the trunk. Then you don't need to do anything. See if they can do that.

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