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Voice mail for ephone hunt group

Hi team, does any body know that how can I access the voice mail configured for ephone hunt group.

I have a hunt group number 1001 with three number 1002, 1003, 1004 and final numbe is 1000 which is voice mail pilot.

ephone-hunt 1 sequential

pilot 1001

list 1002, 1003, 1004

final 1000

I have to configured a GDM box?

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Re: Voice mail for ephone hunt group

Hi Muhammed,

Yes, you should set up a GDM for the Hunt Group with (1001) with 1002,1003 and 1004 as Group Members. Have a look;

General delivery mailbox (GDM) - This mailbox is assigned to a group of subscribers.All members in the group have access to the mailbox. When a caller leaves a message in this mailbox, no MWI is turned on. Instead, when a member logs in to their own personal mailbox, the mailbox menu allows the member to access the messages in each GDM to which the member belongs (Option #9). Only one person can access the GDM at a time. After the first person saves or deletes a message in the GDM, the message is no longer played as "new" for any subsequent members.

Adding and Modifying a Group

A group is a collection of subscribers, usually with a common function or purpose, such as sales, main office, customer service, or technicians. A group has the following characteristics:

Members of the group can be individual subscribers or other groups.

The group is assigned an extension.

The group may have a mailbox assigned to it.

A group may have zero or more subscribers as owners. An owner of a group can add and delete members. Additionally, an owner can add and delete other owners to the group.

Members may belong to more than one group.

Members can be added to the group using the configuration mode groupname command or using the EXEC mode username command. See "Adding and Modifying a User" for details about the username command.


Note Subscribers must exist before being added to a group. See "Adding and Modifying a User" to configure the subscriber's detailed information.


Only members have access to the messages in a group's voice mailbox. The owner is not considered a member of the group. If the owner needs to access the group's mailbox, add the owner as a member of the group. (The owner's name appears twice in the group, once as a member and once as the owner.)

From this doc;

Hope this helps!


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