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Voice mail from Cisco does not reach my personal inbox

Problem Description :

Cisco Unity Connection version:

User not able to receive the voice mails on his personal inbox ( works fine for the physical phone mail box )

Can some one kindly let me know what are the configurations that i need to check to troubleshoot it and what should be the steps to configure it ?

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Voice mail from Cisco does not reach my personal inbox

You will need to provide more details regarding the issue.  When you reference the "physical phone mail box", this would indicate that the user is able to check messages from the phone.  In Unity Connection, there is only a single mailbox which can be accessed via phone, web, etc.  Please provide the following:

1.  What does "personal inbox" reference?  Do you have the user configured for relay where messages are supposed to be relayed to another email address?  If so, is this the only user who has problems or more widespread?  To relay messages, you need to have an SMTP smart/relay host configured that Unity Connection can rely on to deliver messages to external addresses.

2.  Is the user trying to use the web Inbox?


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