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Voice message during network failure to third party PBX


Please refer to the call flow below


TP* Translation pattern.

Call comes in and hits a TP which further routes the call to a pattern pointing to Avaya PBX. Now, phones on Avaya PBX answers the call.


Let's say, there is some connection problem because of which calls cannot reach Avaya PBX phone. Under that scenario i want a voice message to be played either on CUC or from Voice gateway saying "there is a system issue please call back later".

If I use a CTI route point instead of TP and put call forward all for an extension or number on Avaya PBX, it is going to routethe call and the call will work. Not sure if call forward unregistered or CTI failure is going to help me forward the call to VM/call handler in case of link failure to gateway or disconnect coming from it. Is CUCM going to recognize the disconnect as CTI failure, if yes then call should go to Call handler.

Other way is using script on gateway which detects ip link and pots line failure and executes a script with a prompt but i need if this can be configured. If yes, then how?

Other workaround, using a huntgroup on CUCM with Route pattern number ( for avaya phone) + Call handler CTI route point. Not sure, if it's possible to add route pattern number in Line group ( i think we cannot). I need opinions in designing this call flow.


Pankaj Malhotra

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Re: Voice message during network failure to third party PBX

If you can accept a recommendation, I would focus on making the connection strong and stable rather that worrying to much about failure messages.The default disconnect signal is perfectly fine.

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Voice message during network failure to third party PBX

Ok, duly accepted. But you know “customers”. They want things running even if this would never happen.

So I wanted ideas, I know it’s a bit confusing and not so easy going requirement.

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