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voice traffic issue

Hi there,

a quick question. A client has a 2950 he uses for both voice and data. Apparently, all the interfaces a currently in vlan 10, and he uses f0/8 for his voice traffic. So i was asked to prioritise voice over data. Since the 2950 switch doesnt do a lot of QoS, i configured the follwing:


priority-list 1 interface FastEthernet0/8 high

priority-list 1 default medium


int vlan 10

priority-group 1


but after a couple of weeks, the client came back to me with complaints of loss of voice packets. I'd need every help i can get to get this sorted. Thanks in advance.

New Member

Re: voice traffic issue

priority-list 1 interface FastEthernet0/8 high

This command is for entering packet( i think)

I think you have implement some other else solutions.

Can you try with dual vlan or maybe if you have some port free configure a portchannel?

(i don't know if it is possible on 2950)

New Member

Re: voice traffic issue


Tough to diagnose with limited info. Post 2950 config. Does this call go over a WAN? Is it an IP-Phone to IP-Phone call or does it terminate at PSTN?

If call does traverse a WAN post Router Config also, along with "Show Policy-Map Interface"

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