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Voicemail during SRST

Hi Experts,

We have a head office which hosts the CUCM cluster and the Cisco unity connection.

We have a remote office with 300 users and we are planning to move the remote office to the CUCM solution hosted in the head office.

We have a 3925 gateway in the remote office with a PRI line with DDI.

Because of budget restrictions, we have bought only 50 SRST licenses.

we are going to have 2 device pools for the remote office  - dp1 for phones with srst config and dp2 for phones without the srst config.

Business understands that only 50 phones will be up during SRST and the rest 250 will be dead. But, the business wants the calls destined for 250 phones which are unregistered during SRST to be sent to the voicemail server in the head office using the PRI line. Is it possible?

I have configured voicemail (during call-forward busy or unanswered) for phones registered during SRST in the past. But i haven't faced a scenario to handle voice mail for phones that won't register with the SRST gateway. Any experience and pointers will be very helpful.








Hi Pete.If calls for those

Hi Pete.

If calls for those 250 ip phone come in at Head Office, you can click on voicemail radio button on line configuration next to "Forward No Coverage Internal/Externa" and next to "Forward Unregistered Internal/External".

Don't forget the CSS Activation Policy "With configured CSS" and select the right CSS next each option in order to let the call to reach the VM.









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New Member

Hi Carlo,Thanks for the reply

Hi Carlo,

Thanks for the reply.

The calls for the remote office phones come in on the gateway at the remote office.




Hi Peter.This could be done

Hi Peter.

This could be done by rerouting the call via PSTN to your HQ using translation rule /profiles on remote office's VG.


Let's assume that your HQ DDI is 06555XXX and your Remote Office DDI is 02666XXX

In normal condition calls arrive to Remote Office Vg with a DDI 02666XXX and XXX are routed to the CUCM.


In case of SRST call arriving with DDI 02666XXX should be translated into 06555XXX and sent to CUCM via PSTN where CUCM can convert them to XXX.


In case of overlapping extensions, this cannot be done.






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