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VoIP and Analouge

Hi Guys,

Possibly a simple question to you guys. I have just implemented a room with one analouge phone (running off VG248) and one digital phone (cisco 7912) - (both are on the same line!). Is it possible for the analouge phone to be picked up - dial a line - get a connection and then pick up the digital phone and join the conversation (as would be done commonly with two phone on the same analouge line).

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Re: VoIP and Analouge

That is called conferencing and is initiated either by ip phone or analo by pressing certain keys, there is a section about that in your callmanager manual.

Hope this helps, please rate post if it does!

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Re: VoIP and Analouge

Hi Ben,

Just to add a note to the good info from Paolo :) By default you cannot access the call via the 7912 that was initiated by the Analog set. You can configure the 7912 to use cBarge to accomplish this ;

Barge Using Shared Conference-cBarge Softkey

You can use the cBarge softkey only in the remote-in-use call state. No standard softkey template includes the cBarge softkey. To access the cBarge softkey, the administrator adds it to a softkey template and then assigns the softkey template to a device.

When cBarge gets pressed, a barge call gets set up by using the shared conference bridge, if available. The original call gets split and then joined at the conference bridge, which causes a brief media interruption. The call information for all parties gets changed to Barge.

The barged call becomes a conference call with the barge target device as the conference controller. It can add more parties to the conference or can drop any party.

When any party releases from the call, which leaves only two parties in the conference, the remaining two parties experience a brief interruption and then get reconnected as a point-to-point call, which releases the shared conference resource.

Hope this helps!


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