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VOIP Issues

Please let me know if this is the wrong area for this question...

I setup a Cisco VPN client to our office. Down this tunnel I use the Avaya Phone Manager software to run voice through, which worked just fine for months. The phone system is an IP Office 3.0.56.

But, for no apparent reason, whenever a call comes to the remote user (at home) they just can't answer the call. Pressing the answer button/hitting return does nothing, yet the call is being presented to the user.

If the user makes a call, it all works just fine!

Internally, it works fine, it's just the VPN that it seems to be 'upset' with.

Anyone have any ideas I could try?

The PIX is version: 7.2(1)

The Cisco Client is 5.0.340.

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Re: VOIP Issues

This is late, but I hope you find it.

Turn off fixup h323 for both h224 and RAS on your PIX. That has cleared up TONS of weird issues with Avaya VoIP over VPN.

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Re: VOIP Issues

Thanks for checking this and your reply.

But, I had to remove all voice type fixups when I first set this all up, and it did work just fine.

And now, it's all gone wrong :-(

It works just fine on the LAN, it's only when I connect using the VPL client.

I just don't see where it's gone so wrong.

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