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VOIP phones dropping connection on Wireless P2P Connection

Good Morning,

We've recently been having some problems with our VOIP setup at one of our buildings connected to back to our main campus with a P2P wireless bridge.

Currently we are having problems with the phones dropping and giving an insufficient bandwidth error. The bridge operates at 54 mbs full duplex. Since we started having problems, I've been monitoring the bridge via SNMP and we have not come close to utilizing the full bandwidth.

At the remote site we have 7 VOIP phones running G.711 Mu-Law DTMF encoding. The link is also used for the data connection back to our main campus, but on average we are seeing about aprox 60 kbps usage on the line.

I have tested the link with all seven phones making outbound calls, and with full data usage on the link at the time and I cannot get the phones to drop. My only other thought would be that we are seeing some kind of signal interference in the wireless causing it to re-associate, which might cause the phones to drop their connection, but not cause the computers to loose connection to active directory?

If anyone has any suggestions for further troubleshooting steps etc I would appreciate it.


Re: VOIP phones dropping connection on Wireless P2P Connection

Check whether the receive-signal level is proper at both ends. This measurement reflects the receipt of both desired and undesired (interference) signals. An interference problem can newly manifest in a system with a history of reliable operation, yet the source of interference may have been there all along.

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