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Voip Recording Software

Whats up Community!

Thank you all for the support of my last post dealing with Valcom Paging and FXS ports. Great help.

Does anyone know of a great recording software that could record voip calls on demand and have the ability to assign recording capabilities to particular extensions?

I work for a Municipality and we are in need of a reputable recording software. The only one I found so far is one called Telrx.


Any suggestions would be awesome. Thank you.

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Re: Voip Recording Software

Hi Nick,

Telrex looks interesting, but I haven't used it.  I was looking for a similar solution a few months ago and ended up leasing a product made by this company:

I would recommend it.  It's relatively inexpensive and bulletproof.

Also, this company is a leader in the recording field:

..and of course you can deploy a 'Cisco' recording solution if using Unified Contact Center:

"Compliance Recording enables simplified telephony recording either by using preconfigured workflows with up to 100 percent recording, or on-demand recording through the recording API. Recordings can also be searched for and replayed to verify compliance or resolve disputes."



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Re: Voip Recording Software

try zoomint callrec virtual appliance

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Re: Voip Recording Software

TelRex or the Cisco Compliance Recording are probably your two best bets. NICE and Witness also provide robust offerings but are typically

more costly and targeted toward call center environments.

Whatever product you choose the key question to ask is whether they support forked audio, also known as built-in-bridge recording. Without this feature, you are required to set up SPAN ports on your switches which gets messy and difficult to scale. Forked audio allows the recording application to ask UCM for a copy of a call. UCM in turn instructs the DSP in the phone to fork a copy of the RTP streams directly to the recording server. It works like a charm.

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Re: Voip Recording Software

as i know only third generation cisco ip phones supports built-in-bridge feature

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Re: Voip Recording Software

We are currently running CUCM 7.0(2), Cisco Unity 7, and

are utilizing IP phones 7906,7921,7925,7942, 7962. Our PRIs are going through a 2821 and we have two 10M coming in. I just found out that we have a recording software which is CyberTech International possible version 3. How do i find out if my system has the ability to do BIB?


Re: Voip Recording Software

We use Edigin, its solid.

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Re: Voip Recording Software

You might want to bounce this question off the voiceops mail list:


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Re: Voip Recording Software

Hi Nick, I was wondering how far you got in evaluation Cisco Recording Solutions?

Without spamming this great forum I'd like to point you to ZOOM CallREC Cisco Call Recording as part of the ZOOM QM Suite. The website and product brochure should answer most questions but maybe a tip is to evaluate the software yourself using an easy to install VMware appliance with a 30 day trial license, Let the product speak for itself I'd say

Let me know if you'd have any questions.

ZOOM International

David Ruzius

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