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VoIP Solution Needed!

Here's the scenario, I'm administrating a company that has a main site, and two remote sites. The company is interested in migrating over to VoIP. I am pulling my hair out trying to figure out all the different components needed! I need a list of all the actual physical components needed. There are 40 phones at each site, for a total of 120 lines. Two T1's run to each site currently. Any help will be GREATLY appreciated!


Re: VoIP Solution Needed!

Have you tried contacting a Cisco Sales Partner or a Cisco SE from your area. Theys should be able to give you all the info. Also, they should be able to check your current setup and let me know what additional products you would need

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Re: VoIP Solution Needed!

Thats a tough one to do without getting some Traffic Stats, user preferences, legacy equpipment survey. Not to mention, backup, conferences, fax machines, paging systems, Cabeling, and how all that works with the router. You DSPs will vary pending on the functions of the router and what services it will perform. there is alot of work into picking the correct equipment for the correct deployment. You will need to seak the help of a partner/SE. If you want you can have my BOM for my 20 sites but it will most likely very from what you are trying to do. Just let me know if you want it.

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Re: VoIP Solution Needed!

I want to jump the gun this time.

Assume you do this with two CCME with 2821 at each site (although there is a technique to do it with 2801 despite the 24 phones limitation), catalyst 3560 48 ports with POE, most basic 7911 phones, some 7931, some 7961. One CUE shared among all sites for simplicity. We are talking about 15 - 20K per site, installation by a skilled technician can be completed in one day per site. It comes out really nice IF you use ISDN for POTS, else you can struggle against strange problems and features that can't be had.

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