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VoIP/TDM Gateway Trunk Issue

I am unable to get a call placed from the TDM to the VoIP world when using CAS trunk groups in my dial peer statements in my AS5400. Keeping the individual DS0-group in the T1 controller works for my POTS dial peers (which point to the voice-port), but when I use the trunk-group with the cas-custom command in the T1 controller, and change the my POTS dial peers to point to the trunk-group instead of the voice-port, I get a fax/modem tone when placing a call from my PBX connected to the AS5400. VoIP calls from the AS5400 to the PBX continue to work fine with the trunk groups, only TDM calls from the PBX to the gateway no longer work.


Re: VoIP/TDM Gateway Trunk Issue

Symptoms: non-existant MGCP calls are held by spe's after trunk-busyout. The calls drop gracefully from the callgen side, but its not updated by the Gateways and mgcp-ca.

Workarond: Do a "clear spe" to clear the hung non-existant calls.

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Re: VoIP/TDM Gateway Trunk Issue

I do not believe this reply is attended for my situation. I do not have any MGCP configured in this VoIP network, it is H323 only, and VoIP is used only for trunking, not VoIP phones.

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