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VoIP voice quality issue

Can someone have any idea how to fix VoIP voice quality issues.


I am using Cisco ASA 5510 with dedicated connection for VoIP but we are getting daily escalations related to VoIP. As i checked we can give the priority to VoIP from the device so can please share the details if any have idea.

This is very critical for us.


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Ideally, police internet

Ideally, police internet traffic down to a certain level so that if someone downloads a huge file, voice doesnt get affected (eg. 10Mb internet, 7Mb policed for actual internet traffic and the rest will be used by voice). That way, atleast the link from the ASA to the service provider wont be congested which is where congestion occurs the most. 

Of course, you cant guarantee quality over an internet link so some of this will be out of your control.

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Can you share the details how

Can you share the details how we can do that as i want to configure the same so that we can test the voice quality after doing this configuration.



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