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VTAdvantage problem

Dear NetPro gurus,

One of my customers has recently purchased a lot of Cisco 7975G phone to be used for VPNs, and on the same time they have also bought a lot of Cisco VT Advantage Cameras (CUVA-V3=).  The customer is running a brand new Cisco CUCM 8.0.

Now, when on the corporate LANs, the VTAdvantage cameras on customer's laptops works fine and can video call each other.  But when they tried at their homes, it doesn't work.  All Cisco 7975G phones has 'Video Capabilities' enabled under CUCM.

What the customer found is that at home, the VPN Phone by itself works perfectly and can call anywhere and call Voicemail Unity server.  But the VTAdvantage camera on the same laptop doesn't work.  It shows up an 'exclamation mark' warning on the laptop and when the customer opens the VTAdvantage software (2-2-1-7), it warns that 'Cisco IP Phone is NOT present'.

The info is as follows:

Both the IP Phone and the laptop gets an IP from the home router, their IPs are:-

Home Router -
Laptop -
7975G Phone -

They can ping each other fine.

And after the VPN 7975G phone connects up the VPN, it gets the IP from the customer's HQ ASA.

And when the VPN phone is connected to VPN, the laptop can only ping 7975G phone original IP (, but not the VPN IP of

And the 'exclamation mark' appears with warning 'Cisco IP Phone is NOT present'.

Also, the customer founds that even when the phone is not connected to VPN, the same 'exclamation mark' appears on the home environment.

However, when the customer brings back the same 7975G phone with the laptop back to the corporate LAN this morning, 'WITHOUT ANY CONFIG CHANGES NOR TUNING', it works straight away and the 'exclamation mark' no longer appears.

Hence the customer questions are the following:-

1)  Is the VTAdvantage Camera (CUVA-V3=) designs to work with VPN Phone 7975G??

2)  Does the VTAdvantage Camera (CUVA-V3=) will only work on Cisco Switches?? Is it related to CDP?? Or can it work on any home-brand routers & switches??

3)  If both of the above questions is yes, please kindly advise what configuration is missing??


Cisco Employee

Re: VTAdvantage problem


I've checked the design documentation (SFS) for the VPN feature in the phone software and unfortunately found this statement:

The support for video via an attached PC to the
phone’s PC port or CUVA is not supported. 

I did not find indications that this has changed since the initial release. If you would like to have this feature, you will need to address this with your account team.

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