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Waiting Queue ... Caller falls out .. Don't know why

Hi there

please HELP!

Using the Attendant Console Settings in Call Manager I

- created Pilot Point

- set up Hunt Group with 2 members

- enabled queuing of this Pilot Point with acconfig.bat, First available Hunting, Queue size 32, Hold time 0

It's absolutely unreproducable, but from time to time Callers fall out of the Waiting Queue.

One Dialing Rules for Example:

- Call gets in, but Target DN is busy

- Call gets forwarded to Attendant

- Attendant is busy, too > Forwarding the Call into the Pilot Point/Hunt Group

- Music sounds

THEN .. mostly, the Call is forwarded correctly to first Attendant which is availble, BUT time to time Callers get kicked from Queue. They stay in the Queue for a while, but on anytime the Line gets disconnected ..

What is the best place to look for debug?? Any suggestions in configuration??

Kind Regards


New Member

Re: Waiting Queue ... Caller falls out .. Don't know why

If you don't have an "always route" member at the end of the hunt list, then when the queue either receives more calls than it's configured for or calls are in queue longer than the allowable time set for the queue the calls will be dropped.

New Member

Re: Waiting Queue ... Caller falls out .. Don't know why

Thanks Tim.

max calls in queue and hold time has been configured the correct way but i didn't set up an "always route member".

will read the documentation once more, maybe i forgot one essential thing ...

New Member

Re: Waiting Queue ... Caller falls out .. Don't know why

There is an "always route" for DNs in the AC Hunt list config but not one that applied to "ACUSERS". Are you saying that, even if you are defining ACUSERS, you have to have an "always route" DN for the bottom of the Hunt List? I'd like to know the answer because I'm going to go live in three days with an AC queuing config.


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