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want to reorganize/customize the name of "directories" options for 79XX phones

Is ther any options to modify when press the directories button. I am trying to change the order the missed call, received call, etc, also rename the directories options too.




Hi Mollah,It is not possible

Hi Mollah,

It is not possible to do this natively in CUCM. However, you can use some third party apps or work with Cisco developer network ( ) to get a customized solution to your requirement.



Custom XML directory service

Custom XML directory service will allow you to put different names for personal and corperate directory.

The missed, received and placed calls are saved within the phone and can't be replaced by an XML service.


Another option to change the names might be to check if it's possible to use user defined locals.
This should be possible with ccme but i'm not shure if it's also possible with cucm. I have always used the predefined locales...

This is fairly easy to do.

This is fairly easy to do. Note that this will only work on the 79xx phones. The other phones all handle missed/placed/received calls differently. (There's no commonality at all across the range with this. Thanks Cisco. Grrr...)


You'll need a webserver which the phones can talk to.


Create a file on your webserver called,say, directories.xml (It must be an XML file) In it place:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    <Name>Missed Calls</Name>
    <Name>Placed Calls</Name>
    <Name>Received Calls</Name>


This will give you a basic directories list which I hope you can work out how to change.


Then, go to ccmadmin -> System -> Enterprise Parameters (or for testing, you can set this on a device) and set the URL for the "URL Directories" (& Secure Directories) to the above XML on your webserver. e.g.


If you want to be advanced, you can then use a script to dynamically generate the XML and customise it per phone. The phones add the URL parameter "name=XXX" where XXX is the phone's device name. e.g. SEP112233445566.



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