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Warning: Call Forward All Issue After Upgrades

I upgraded from CCM 4.1(3)sr2b to CCM 4.1(3)sr4d 2 weeks ago. After that I had a few phones that were set to Call Forward All to other numbers before the upgrade. After the upgrade, I had a few users who could not remove the CFWD All. I was able to pull the phone up in CCMAdmin, enter a number in CFWD All, do an update, remove the number and do an Update again and the issue was resolved. This weekend I upgraded to 4.1(3)ES94 because of a bug in 4.1(3)sr4d with 7970's. Ran into the same CFWD All issue, but the last fix isn't working this time. Been on the phone with TAC for over 3 hours now with no resolution. We've restarted the Database Layer Monitor service, the CallManager service and the RIS Data Collector service.

I'll post updates if/when I have any.


Re: Warning: Call Forward All Issue After Upgrades


This problem is not new. This was identified in a field notice with earlier versions of CM. Check with tac if they have a db script that fixes this problem.



Re: Warning: Call Forward All Issue After Upgrades

Actually looks like User Error was the cause. We have a MOH server that was on an older version of CCM. Eventhough this server doesn't process calls or phone, it looks liek it was the problem server. This caused different version of AUPAIR.EXE to exist. I was told by TAC that this is the file that controls the CFWD All. Updated that server to the same version as my other servers, rebooted the Publisher then all the Subscribers and the MOH server and everything is currently working.


Re: Warning: Call Forward All Issue After Upgrades

Mike, having CMs out of sync can cause a lot of issues even if that is not an active server.

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