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watching the status of fxo on phone button

Hi Guys,

Our customer wants to see the status (if it is busy or not ) of the fxo lines on the phone and that line is sharing with hunt-group .Actually they have four fxo's tide with  trunk group FXO.

According to cisco

SCCP: Configuring an Advanced Key System Phone Trunk Line Configuration

Perform the steps in this section to:

Create directory numbers corresponding to each FXO line that allows phones to have shared or private lines connected directly to the PSTN.

Enable direct status monitoring of the FXO port on the line button of the IP phone. The line button indicator, either a lamp or an icon depending on the phone, shows the in-use status of the FXO port during the duration of the call.

Allow transferred PSTN FXO line calls to be automatically recalled if the transfer target does not answer after the specified number of seconds. The call is withdrawn from the transfer-to phone and the call resumes ringing on the phone that initiated the transfer.


FXO port for a private line automatic ringdown (PLAR) off-premises extension (OPX) connection must be configured; for example:

voice-port 1/0/0

 connection plar-opx 801 <<----Private number


Dial peers for FXO port must be configured; for example:

dial-peer voice 111 pots

 destination-pattern 811 <<----Trunk-tag

 port 1/0/0

this is telling to configure new dial-peer with the trunk-tag for the monitoring. or i can use my previously configured dial-peers with trunk-group?

dial-peer voice 101 pots

trunkgroup FXO            (this one)

corlist outgoing National-PT

destination-pattern 905........

forward-digits 10

no sip-register

sorry for long question

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Re: watching the status of fxo on phone button

If you want to use the button for seizing a particular line beside monitoring, you will need to configure a DP for it, in addition to any TG you may have already.

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Re: watching the status of fxo on phone button

Hi Paolo,

thanks for your reply,, i am using cme

but as you say if in cucm how it will work i didnt understand it as well

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