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way to emplement QoS on Cisco device ONT certification Exam question

Hi !

I'm currently prepared my CCNP ONT certification Exam.

In the documentation I read, the author speak about many manner we can implement QoS in Cisco devices. For the Exam, I understand we should have basic understanding about all of them, and some in more details. Two of them are Security Device Manager (SDM) and Cisco QoS Policy Device Manager (QDM). Since the start of my studdy, I had suppose to SDM is the main component and QDM is on part of SDM. Base on my understanding, like the name say, SDM, can be use to configure more that QoS on the Cisco device...

But in my last revision process, something is in contradiction in my book if this is true....

When the author speak about SDM : he say we can troubleshoot and monitor QoS but not fine tune or edit it; and when he talk about QDM : he says we can monitor and edit configuration, but not troubleshoot QoS...

When he talk about the possible way to implement QoS on Cisco Router is was only mention SDM, nothing about QDM.

Someone can help me ? to make this more clear to me and if I ways wrong understanding something please let me know, if not what can I do with SDM/QDM ?

Thanks a lot !

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Re: way to emplement QoS on Cisco device ONT certification Exam

Hello Xine,

QDM is in end of sale since november 2004


you should be asked about SDM only

Hope to help


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