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we need cisco soluation for callterminations

i would be glad to guide us on the product for callternimations.

we intent to start with 60 channels or 60 lines termation capacity.

our envirment is GSM sims.coz the countr yhas no landline is in our knowlege and we have fully gsm channel bank gateway infomation from oriontelecom they suggest quimtum but we prefer cisco ,can somebody will leads us in the concerns.

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Re: we need cisco soluation for callterminations


You would use an as5350, or as5400 for this. There are many many models and board options but the good thing is that it is easy to find deals on the auction site.

If you want some more advice feel free to drop me an email to the address in my profile also because I have interest in termination business.

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Re: we need cisco soluation for callterminations

Thankyou for the suggestions.i read on the cisco website abt this but i am pretty confued becouse abt the two modles as5350 and as5350xm,futher we specifically looking for 60 lines not les and not more capctiy and i thin the price vary from product to product,we are terminating afghanistan with quintum but now looking for quality and the professionl way to this bsuiness .can i have IM with u ..badly missing expert on cisco voip server or gateway.thankyou again for quick responce

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Re: we need cisco soluation for callterminations


Yes I know it can be difficult to choose due to the many hardware options, but what really matters is that you choose a box that has enough DSP to do 60 voip calls with compression, then if it has more than 2 E1 interface it doesn't matter, the expensive part is the DSP module.

And do not worry because cisco is the reference for this kind of application and it will work fine.

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