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Web SA

CUM Version 4.2

Exchange 2003

We have unity integrated with our AD and exchange. from the unity server we can access web/sa with no problem but when we try from other PCs on the network we get this error

hr=0x8004054B (The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted.\x0D\x0A)

There may be additional information in the Application log (use the system Event Viewer).

Please see your Cisco Unity system administrator for more details.

what does this mean? do AD users not have the rights to access the domain?


Re: Web SA

How about posting the error from your eventviewer?

New Member

Re: Web SA

The Cisco Unity service that monitors Active Directory (AvDSAD) failed to modify object.



Reason: ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED: Access is denied.

Domain Controller:

Possible causes include: 1) Network connectivity to the Domain Controller.

2) Insufficient rights for The Cisco Unity service that monitors Active Directory (AvDSAD) account.

Ensure that The Cisco Unity service that monitors Active Directory (AvDSAD) can contact the Domain Controller and has sufficient rights to modify objects.

How do I check the above then?


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Re: Web SA

If you have installed Unity with SP1, the solution is below:

In order to fix the problem, please follow these steps on the Unity


1. Go to Administrative Tools > Component Services.

2. Expand Component Services > Computers > My Computer > DCOM Config.

3. Right click on AvCsGateway and on the Security tab, select Customize for Launch Permissions and click Edit.

4. Add the user Everyone, and select to enable "Local Activation" and "Local launch" privileges.

Perform steps 3 and 4 for the AvLic and AvDSGlobalCatalog service as well. Perhaps it may be necessary to restart the IIS service after performing the changes.

Good day


Re: Web SA

In the AD advance features check for the user account if

Under security Tab "inherit permissions" box checked ? if not check it

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