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WebEx Meeting Server 1.5 - Call drop after entering meeting number and #

Hi everyone,

Just installed a new CWMS server version 1.5... all features seem to work EXCEPT when I use the call in function, I type in the meeting number, hit # and the call is terminated.

I read through this document:

From the document:

Call-In Issues

• Problem Users hear a reorder tone before or after the complete number is dialed.

• Problem The "Your call cannot be completed as dialed" message is played by the annunciator.

• Problem During call-back, a user's call terminates after pressing 1 to join the meeting.

• Problem During call-in, a user's call terminates after entering the meeting ID followed by #.

Possible Cause You need to reconfigure your CUCM servers.

Solution Reconfigure your CUCM settings as follows: Use the "<NONE>" partition and "<NONE>" CSS

(Calling Search Space) for all Cisco WebEx Meetings Server related entities in CUCM (for example, route

patterns, SIP route patterns, SIP trunks, etc.).

Solution Use one partition and one CSS specifically assigned for all Cisco WebEx Meetings Server related

entities. For more information refer to the system guide for your CUCM version.

I configured my route pattern to use <NONE> and all other option as <NONE> and still the call is terminated.

I created a css_webex CSS and put in pt_internal and assigned that and I still get terminated.

Am I missing something here?

Community Member

Had this problem too with

Had this problem too with CWMS 2.0. In my case, the problem was with a SIP Route Pattern Configuration as I used Domain Routing as a Pattern Usage. After I changed it to IPAddress Routing everything works like a charm (most likely I got some issues with DNS configuration).

Here is a very useful step-by-step video on how to configure Cisco Webex Meeting Server.


Personally, I never really

Personally, I never really use the null partition but before we go there.  You have a couple different route patterns.  The first is an inbound call pattern(s) that are going to be standard route patterns (i.e. numeric) and you'll have some outbound PSTN patterns for the actual outdialing that CWMS does.  You then have some SIP route patterns that can either be defined as IP or FQDN for each media server.  After you connect and then want to join a meeting, those SIP route patterns are used to redirect you to the appropriate server where a meeting is hosted.  For those patterns, are you using IP or FQDN and what partition are they in?  If you are using FQDN then you may need to change to IP depending on your DNS configuration on CUCM.


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