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Weird behavior of Cisco UCM 9.0



I am facing issue in CUCM 9.0.

I have added some devices as CTI devices under some user, but I can not monitor these devices while using JTAPI where I am using same user for login. I can see these devices as Controlled Devices under same user in CUCM Administration.

I created another user as super provider but still I was unable to monitor that devices.

Again I used Cisco Web Dialer using aforementioned user, but Cisco Web Dialer was unable to show the list of registered devices.

Please help me to resolve this issue.

Cisco Employee

Hi Ashish,Have you tried to

Hi Ashish,

Have you tried to associate the users with IP Phones, instead of CTI devices? What happens then?

Maybe you're hitting the restrictions on the Webdialer.

Cisco Web Dialer supports phones that run Skinny Client Control Protocol (SCCP) and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) that Cisco Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) supports.

New Member

Dear Sreekanth, The IP phones

Dear Sreekanth,


The IP phones are CTI devices.

I am using Cisco IP Communicators which are configured as CTI devices.


Still I am not able to get control of these IP phones using JTAPI neither using associated users login nor by using super provider user id.

Cisco Employee

Hi Ashish, I was asking about

Hi Ashish, 

I was asking about regular, hard IP phones like the 7975/45. Have you tried any of these phones?

Cisco Employee

Also have you made sure that

Also have you made sure that the required parameters are configured and the service has been given a reset?

You only need an application user for the webdialer and end users to use it. (End users should have the Standard End Users role)

New Member

I am using a application user

I am using a application user which have an IP phone associated.

Still I am unable to dial using Web Dialer.

Cisco Employee

The users who have IP phones

The users who have IP phones associated with them should be End users. They should not be application users. Make sure that the IP phone name is under the "Controlled Devices" for the end user, and the end user is part of the "Standard CCM End user" group.

How are you using the webdialer? Are you doing the following?

https://<CUCM IP>:8443/webdialer/Webdialer

If not, can you do the above, log in with the end user credential and then try to dial out?


New Member

So u mean to say that only

So u mean to say that only End users are capable to dial using WebDialer API?

Now I can dial using Web Dialer when I used End User.

But still unable to dial using SOAP API. I am using SoapUI for sending SOAP requests.

Can we user super provider feature in Web Dialer? By using which we can dial from any CTI controlled phone without associating phones with user?

Cisco Employee

Yes to be able to dial, the

Yes to be able to dial, the end user credentials must be passed. That's the only way the Webdialer will know what the endpoint is. The application user already present in the CUCM is the WDSysUser.

I don't know much about SOAP UI but, first the external application must pass the WDSysUser creds to the CUCM and authenticate that it can use the webdialer. This should be followed by the End user name and creds. 

You can configure 1 End user that has access to every device on the CUCM, and try that. The devices must be associated with the user in order for WD to dial.

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