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Weirdness with 8945 phones

I'm having an issue with a 8945 handset that I'm trying toget my head wrapped around.  I have a small number of these phones working on my production CUCM 8.6(2) system.  They worked right out of the box, running SCCP-9-3-2-11.

I've taken one of those working phones and moved it to a Lab CUCM running 9.1(2).  I attempted to configure using SCCP, the message "Unable to create call, the maximum number of calls for this line has been reached" message when I go offhook. 

Upon doing some checking, I saw that the Device Enabler and newer COP files would be a good thing to do on my lab system, and since it is a lab system, I went ahead and installed cmterm-894x-qed9-2-2-0.cop.sgn, cmterm-894x-sccp.9-4-2-8.cop.sgn and cmterm-894x-sip.9-4-2-8.cop.sgn.  The checksums were verified, the installs, successful, and the CM was rebooted.  Other phones (7900s) came back online, so I know the basics are working.

Now, when I plug the phone into the lab CM, In addition to the "phone not registered" notice at the top of the LCD,. The little wheel spins constantly.

If I place it on my production system, it provisions just fine using SCCP.9-3-2-11.

When I move it to the test CM, on an isolated switch, a monitor session shows that the phone asks for and receives an IP address.  It then ARPs for it's gateway router, gets the correct response, and that's the last we hear from the phone.

I have temporary licensing in effect on my lab CUCM for v9.

We plan on upgrading the v8.6(2) system to v9.1(2) shortly, and I just can't figure out what's up with these phones.  I have another cluster running 9.1(2) and those phones are running SIP.9-3-4-17.  All of the phones on that system are 8945s.

My lab system is an old MCS7825H3 running where my production 9.1.2 system is UCS running  I'm looking at pathcing to see if that helps.


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OK, patching to SU2 didn't

OK, patching to SU2 didn't help, and clearing out the ITL File doesn't seem to help.

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