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What equipment do i need?

For Implementation of an IP telephony solution in a building. I want to support Voicemail, Videoconferencing and I need PSTN connectivity for 60 concurrent calls. At least 500 phones need to be supported. All users will require extension mobility.

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Re: What equipment do i need?


60 concurrent calls on PSTN will require 3 PRI circuits. Your CallManager server cluster's set up not only depends on the number of phones you are trying to provision, but also the level of redundancy you are looking to support (which is often budget issue.) For voicemail, go with Unity but Unity supports a number of configurations like Unified Messaging or VMO. Do you need redundancy,? Again, these answers can be dictated by budget. Extension mobility is a typical feature supported in 4.x.

Do you need SRST? If so, this will dictate the model gateway that you will use to provision the PRI circuits. This link will explain;

If you do this deployment yourself, make sure you have a very clear idea of what it is you are trying to do and how you can accomplish it. I would very highly recommend setting up a test lab.


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Re: What equipment do i need?

No budget and redundancy would be good, also what router would i use? could you pls recommend a complete list of equipment that would fulfill the criteria and there is no budget. Many thanks in advance


Re: What equipment do i need?

if I'm the designer and for limited budget/good design i will choose:

- CCM cluster of two 7825 MCSs (Pub and Sub)

- 1 unity server 7825 MCS with 32 or 64 ports based on No. of VM subscribers.

- cisco 7836 endpoint and screen for VC

- 500 cisco IP phones (for 500 users)

- Cisco PoE switches

- 2821 gateway with 1 network module each to handle a total of at least 2 E1s PRI.

- at least two PVDM2-32 for voice termination.

- EM is a configurable service on CCM.



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Re: What equipment do i need?

If you are on a limited budget, you can replace the CCM cluster and Unity Server in Majdi's list with the new Unified Communications Manager Business Edition. It is a SMB all-in-one platform. There is no redundancy short of RAID drives.

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Re: What equipment do i need?

Hi Tinu,

Just to add a note to the good info you have received already from Shikamaru,Majdi and Scott. Be a little careful with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition as it only scales to 500 phones/users and may not offer the room for growth that you desire;

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition is a designed for medium-sized businesses with up to 500 employees and up to five remote sites.

Here is a link to a good video that describes the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition;

Hope this helps! And best of luck,


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