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what hardware to choose for VoIP? need assistance


I'm looking for cisco hardware to build VoIP system.

I want to replace my old ISR2811 and Avaya PBX with one central cisco device.

I think it would be ISR G2 with modules, but I need Your help to assist what exactly hardware, software and license do I need...

There will be about 50 telephones, one fax.


Re: what hardware to choose for VoIP? need assistance

Personally, I'd probably look at going this route:

Order a server with CUCM Business Edition. It supports up to 500 users, will replace your Avaya PBX, and comes with a co-resident install of Unity Connection voice messaging as well. Then I'd use that 2811 as PSTN gateway with a couple PRI (T1/E1) for inbound/outbound connectivity. You would need to purchase licensing for CUCMBE and CUWL licensing (or the new term for it) is typically the way to go. If you truly want a single device, I don't know that I'd go ISR G2 just yet ... but you could. However, for less money - you could upgrade to a 2821 with CME and that, I believe, should be plenty. I'm not big on the express products but that's just me...they certainly work and have come a long way feature-wise.


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Re: what hardware to choose for VoIP? need assistance

I have searched ditributor site lookin' for voip hardware and I've found VoIP bundle:

C2921-CME-SRST/K92921 Voice  Bundle w/ PVDM3-32,FL-CME-SRST-25, UC License PAK


VWIC2-1MFT-T1/E1     1-Port 2nd Gen Multiflex Trunk Voice/WAN Int. Card  - T1/E1

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