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New Member

What licenses do I need for CUCM and CME

Hi Experts,

I am a newbie to Cisco IP telephony and request your guidance.

My boss has asked me to order some 7942 phones for a CUCM based site and some 7942 phones for a CME based site.

For CUCM 9, I understand that we need an enhanced user licenses on CUCM side.

For the IP phone, I see 2 part numbers and am confused.

CP-7942G - Cisco Unified IP Phone 7942G
CP-7942G-CH1 - Cisco Unified IP Phone 7942G, for Channels, with one station user license

What is the station user license mentioned in the part number CP-7942G-CH1 ? Is it the same as the enhanced user licenses? Assuming i am ordering enhanced user licenses, what should I order CP-7942G or CP-7942G-CH1?

I also see a part number SW-CCM-UL-7942= ? What is this part? is it needed?

And what do I need for CME?

Is FL-CME-SRST-10 enough for the CME?

What is the part number for the phones? Is it CP-7942G or CP-7942G-CCME?

I also see another part number "SW-CCME-UL-7942="? What is it? And is it really needed?

I heard that Cisco simplified Licensing from version 9. At least it doesn't look simple to me :( 

Can you please help me, Experts?




Hi without knowing your

Hi without knowing your business goals, current network, etc here is some feedback.

Depending on your design, if the sites are connected via a reliable WAN you could run the branch site as SRST and not CME, this way you get a rich feature set of the centralised call manager and simplify licenses, etc.


Anyway, you need to size your CUCME (or SRST) correctly as each Cisco router  hardware platform has a maximum supported handsets. If you have a SIP provider new purchased ISRs now come with 10 CUBE licenses other wise you will need something else such as a VIC for dial tone.

For instance the following is a router that comes with 25 CME 

2901 Voice Bundle w/PVDM3-16,FL-CME-SRST-25,UC Lic,FL-CUBE10

You can add CP-7942G-CCME which is the physical phone and license for CME


Use CP-7942G= for the Call Manager Deployment as you will get UCL Enh or CUWL for the user side


If you have existing routers you will need to obtain upgrade licenses for voice/CME add DSPs if needed for conferencing, media termination, etc, CUBE or voice cards and you can add the phones.


Router handset capacities see Table 7


Hope this helps


New Member

Thanks a lot for the reply!

Thanks a lot for the reply!!

Actually, we have 2 sites - a CUCM based site and a CME based site and we need to order phones and licenses for both sites and we have ran out of licenses and phones on both sites.

May I please request you to explain me on the following doubts?

1. Are  SW-CCM-UL-7942= and SW-CCME-UL-7942= licenses needed for any use case? And when do we need to buy them?

2. Assuming I am buying Enhanced licenses for CUCM and FL-CME-SRST licenses for CME, why do you suggest me to buy CP-7942G for CUCM and CP-7942G-CCME for the CME scenario? Why can't I just buy CP-7942G for CME as well?

Aren't the enhanced user licenses on CUCM side and FL-CME-SRST licenses equivalent?

3. What is the use case to order a CP-7942G-CH1?

Many thanks again for your time and help.











VIP Purple

Hi, you can refer the



you can refer the discussion

there are different licenses for CUCM.You need to order phone licenses for CME as well.



New Member

Hi petercoggie, it seems you

Hi petercoggie, it seems you need a more detailed recommendation on each license that you will need. please send me an email and ill try to help out with a more recommendation on the licenses you'll need. hope to ehar from you soon!



Ferdinand Guasque

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