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when to reset ccm


Could someone tell me the difference between reset and restart in ccm 4.1. Also, do i have to reset the callmanager everytime i make a chance, like updating ccs, changing dn? any change required a reset on the specific device?

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Re: when to reset ccm

I am assuming that what you mean by "Also, do i have to reset the callmanager everytime i make a change" Is resetting the IP Phones on which the changes were made...If that is correct then here is the difference between reset and restart:

Basically the reset command causes the IP phone to completely power-cycle and begin again as if it had just been plugged in. The restart command tells the IP phone to unregister and then reregister with CCM. Making some changes to the Phone configuration page in CCM Administration requires the IP phone to get a new configuration file and beacuse the restart command does not cause the phone to re-load its configuration file via TFTP, a resetcommand is required to get the new information

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Re: when to reset ccm

Hi Navin,

Here is the Cisco explanation for this question just to add a note to the great info from Deji! (5 points for this nice explanation Deji :)

Q. What is the difference between a restart and reset of a phone?

A. A restart only reregisters the phone with Cisco CallManager, whereas a reset does a complete reinitialization of the phone. In the case of a reset, the phone fetches its configuration file again from the TFTP path, which does not happen if you restart the phone. Use of the sequence **#** also makes the phone fetch its configuration file from the TFTP path.

For Cisco 7960 and 7940 IP Phones with a firmware release of 7.1(2) or later, complete these steps:

Press either the Services button or the Settings button.

Use the keypad to enter **#**.

A. This new behavior allows you to begin a dialing sequence with * or # while the phone is on-hook at the home screen.

Resetting a Phone

You must reset a Cisco IP phone after you add a directory number or update its settings for your changes to take affect. Perform the following procedure to reset a Cisco IP phone using Cisco CallManager.

Perform the following procedure to update a Cisco IP phone from Cisco CallManager.



Step 1 Choose Device > Phone.

The Find and List Phones pane displays.

Step 2 Enter search criteria to locate a specific phone, and click Find.

A list of phones that match the search criteria appears.

Step 3 From the list, click the name of the phone you want to update.

The Phone Configuration pane displays.

Step 4 Update the appropriate settings

Step 5 Click Update.

Step 6 Click Reset Phone to reset or restart the phone and apply the new settings.

Restarting the phone re-registers the phones with Cisco CallManager without shutting the phone down. Resetting the phone shuts down the phone and brings it back up (performs a complete shut-down and re-initialization of the phones).

Hope this helps!


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