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where to locate b6k server

my company will be implementing ip telephony to replace the old pabx system.

currently, there is no core switch as it is a flat vlan environment.

in the new ip telephony setup, we will also get 2 core switch to implement a 2nd vlan for voice.

where should I locate the b6k server, in the data vlan or voice vlan ?

the b6k will hold the cucm, cuc, ccx and the presense server.

data vlan will hold the existing data for servers and users.

voice vlan will be the new vlan for ip phones ?

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where to locate b6k server

The BE6K server should be put into the voice VLAN.

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Re: where to locate b6k server

You could also take this new deployment to plan your network for additional scalability. Means, put the BE6k in a Voice-Server Vlan and also plan for seperate user- and server Vlans.

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where to locate b6k server

I agree with Karsten, it is a good practice to put voice servers in dedicated voice core vlan, seperate from phone voice vlans.


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Re: where to locate b6k server

this is because my vendor who is helping with the design and implementation is proposing that we locate the b6k server in our data centre which is another subnet in our WAN.

currently, we do not have core switch even at our data centre as there is only one vlan for server subnet.

they are proposing that we create a voice vlan at the data centre, but this will involved alot of work in the data centre.

the 2nd alternative is to place the b6k server in the current server subnet and implement QoS to seperate the voice and data.

the 3rd alternative is to place the b6k server in our HQ where the new ip phones will be deployed.

is implementing QoS on the current server vlan a good idea ??

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