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Where to start with Cisco CallManager?

I've been tasked with becoming a SME for Cisco Call Manager 4.3 where I work at.

I have some basic powerpoint slided and a pdf online entitled Cisco Unified CallManager Administration Guide.  I did see more documentation under the Documents part of this forum, except there is a ton of stuff to wade thru.

Was wondering if anyone could recommend a good place to start to learn the basics. 


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Where to start with Cisco CallManager?

Hi Chris

The SRND is a pretty important read - it covers everything from overall system design down to call routing  details. A lot of the other stuff (like your admin guide) can be pretty useless as a learning tool, they're very procedural whereas the SRND covers a lot of the basic concepts you need.

Pick the 4.x one... obviously a lot has changed since 4.3 as well, it's now deployed only as a LInux appliance for example... but most of the basic concepts haven't changed.

If you read and understand that, most of the other bits will fall in to place and you'll understand why the admin guides and others suggest you do certain things... Once you are done with the SRND, the other documentation for 4.3 is listed here:


Aaron Harrison

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Where to start with Cisco CallManager?

Hi Chris

Theres plently of info to be found. If you have a budget see which books are listed on Ebay and Amazon, I'm sure you can pick these up very cheap.

Like Aaron Harrison said the admin guide is pretty useless.

Good Luck and all the best


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