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Why can't I receive incoming calls?

I moved my Linksys IP Phone SPA941 from my office to my home for the first time.  I connected it to my Ethernet plug on my Netgear wireless router.  My internet service at home is through Comcast Cable.  The phone appeared to have configured just fine.  I can make outgoing calls, but the phone does not take incoming calls.  When I dial the number from any other phone and then my extension, it goes to voice mail as though I have the do not disturb feature activated.  I do not have the do not disturb feature on. Also, when calling out to a number that requires dial prompts ("dial 1 for english", etc.) the prompts are not recognized when I press them.  I am not a tech guy so if anyone has any suggestions please keep that in mind.

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Re: Why can't I receive incoming calls?

The problem is probably with your Netgear wireless router.  Try connecting your Linksys IP phone directly to the Comcast cable modem and see if that fixes it.

Here's a simple diagram to help you out;

[Cable Modem]---------Cat5 Cable--------[Linksys Phone]

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