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Why this happen "Voice Capacity Max"?

Hi all,

I am running a de-centralizated IP Telephony system, I am using a h323 gatekeeper for interconnections.

In the gatekeeper I have arround 25 endpoits, but just one of them is showing this.

10.252.  1720  10.252.    54146 gk               VOIP-GW

    H323-ID: hsj3845

   Voice Capacity Max.= 90  Avail.= 83  Current.= 5   37501   33705 gk2               VOIP-GW

Every other endpoint shows like this.

0.64.    1720  10.64.     58471 gk               VOIP-GW

    H323-ID: ccm1760

   Voice Capacity Max.=  Avail.=  Current.= 1

y' does the router tell my GK how much BW consume?

GK#show gatekeeper stat

    Gatekeeper State: UP

    Load Balancing:   DISABLED

    Flow Control:     DISABLED

    License Status:   AVAILABLE

    Zone Name:        gk

    Accounting:       DISABLED

    Endpoint Throttling:        DISABLED

    Security:         DISABLED

    Maximum Remote Bandwidth:              unlimited

    Current Remote Bandwidth:              1472 kbps

    Current Remote Bandwidth (w/ Alt GKs): 1472 kbps

    Hunt Scheme: Random

I hope you could help me with this.


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Why this happen "Voice Capacity Max"?

Can you check whether these commands are added diffrently in this gatekeeper and the other ones.

'endpoint max-calls h323id'
'endpoint resource-threshold onset'


Why this happen "Voice Capacity Max"?


My Friend, that commando is no present on either, the GK nor the endpoint.

VoIP_GKcem2#show run | inc endpoint|threshold


GwIP_r3845-1.Site.2p.hsj#show run | sec endpoint|threshold



Why this happen "Voice Capacity Max"?

Hi Juan,

Thankks for confirming. I looked at a similar issue in our database where one of the Developers provided the following explanation / solution for the similar issue as yours ( one being already discussed in initial post ):

1. There is a possibility that dial-peers are directly terminating on a gateway rather than GK being  involved. So GK does not know about all the calls that are active on the  gateway. This is the probable reason why GK is not showing correct  number of current calls. Make all the dial-peers contact the GK i.e. "session target ras"

2. Configure a trunk group on the gateway and assign it to the T1 / E1 voice-port. This will enable reporting the number of in-use channels when ever a ARQ/DRQ is sent to the GK. Since this number reflects both GK reported calls as well as direct calls, GK will know the total number of active channels. This information can be seen in "show gatekeeper endpoints"/"show gatekeeper endpoint circuits"/"show gatekeeper circuits". Instead relying on ARQ/DRQ for reporting capacity, customer can configure "voice call trunkgroup capacity active" & "voice call trunkgroup capacity timer interval 10" to periodically report the in-use channels.

3. Another option is to statically configure the endpoint max calls on the GK using the CLI "endpoint max-calls h323id ". But this static configuration has the drawback that max-calls will not be updated automatically if some of the T1 channels go down on the gateway.



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