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Will CAC/AAR help with this scenario?


This is the scenario. We have a CUCM 7.0 cluster at HQ with remote site phones/gateways. There are about 8 Telco circuits (both T1 PRI and CAS) AT HQ. Each remote site is setup for SRST and has its own gateway with either a T1 CAS or PRI. Local dialing/911 at Remote site is forced out of local gateway, but all LD/Int'l/Toll-Free calls are to originate out of the HQ voice circuits. The WAN connection is mpls based and COS1 (guaranteed voice) is set to only 10% of the total bandwidth. We believe this is causing the issue that users are experiencing at remote sites, which mainly is that outbound calls are not connecting when dialed (when a lot of calls are placed).

Can we implement CAC/AAR (or anything else) within the call manager to monitor the bandwidth and when saturated, force the calls out of its own local gateway? I know we can use this feature for forcing on-net calls off to PSTN should the bandwidth not be available, but not sure if it would apply in our situation as well.

Any insight, links, documentation you can provide would be appreciated.




Re: Will CAC/AAR help with this scenario?

Hi Joseph,

Location CAC is exactly what you are looking for.

What you are looking per your description is use HQ as Location_HUB_None and the remote sites defining a Location name and GW.

Also Different Device Pools for region (BW/Codec control)


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