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WIP 310 - Won't store DST rules

I have 10 WIP310s. One of them works great. It was the original "test" model I bought. Firmware 5.0.11. I've got it setup fine. Configured the DST with the following rules: start=3/8/7/02:0:0;end=11/1/7/02:0:0;save=1

The OTHER NINE won't save the DST settings and won't change to DST. They do have firmware 5.0.12, although 5.0.11 is listed as the latest.

The page looks the same. I enter in the DST rule and save settings, but the page comes back with no rule in the field and the time doesn't adjust.

The manual talks about "enabling" DST, but I can't find anything about enabling DST. My provider did the SIP configuration. He may have set something during that process on the first one, although I did the DST rules and time server stuff.

Anyone know how I can get the DST set. It's critical that I be able to record times that calls were received and made for logs.


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Re: WIP 310 - Won't store DST rules

Hi Steve,

Finding any good info on the WIP310 is like finding the

proverbial "needle in a haystack". I did find a reference

in the thread below that mentions a DST Bug in the 5.0.12

Firmware. I'm guessing a downgrade to 5.0.11 will fix the




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Re: WIP 310 - Won't store DST rules

Ugh. From what I can tell, downgrading the firmware will require me to reconfigure all of the phones and could introduce other instabilities. Are upgrades any cleaner? It would be easier for me to go in and manually change the times twice a year and see if they get the firmware fixed. It's odd that I have firmware that's not even listed. Is it that bad, or is there some discreet change in the hardware that required it.

My application is in an emergency ops center. Stability is priority 1. I upgraded to these Ciscos looking for a little better support/reliability. We'll see how that works out. Do the Cisco engineers follow these threads?

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Re: WIP 310 - Won't store DST rules

Steve,  Cisco engineers do monitor these posts.  But the WIP310 is a small/medium business product.  The Cisco moderators for WIP310 would be watching the "Small Business Voice and Conferencing" community.  You should repost in that community.

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