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Wireless Headsets for 7900s

We are a Cisco reseller and routinely get asked about recommendations on wireless/cordless headsets. We typically recommend Plantronics -- but, oh by the way, mister customer you have to have a lifter to get full functionality. Call me crazy here, but my clients just spent a good deal of money on a state of the art IP Phone and now need a little robot glued to the front of their phone to make it work? What is the deal? Is there anyone out there creating a, dare I say, "integrated" headset into the 7900s? If not anyone interested in inventing such a critter?


Re: Wireless Headsets for 7900s

I have hunted high and low for a solution, and there plain and simple, there is not one. The closet thing you can do is: It's a little dongle that connects to the headset port of the phone and converts it mini jack, like you would use for your cell phone ear piece. So now, if you can find a bluetooth adapter to plug in, pair it with an earpiece, you are set. But again to answer the phone, you have to hit the line button or headset button on the phone.

There just is not enough logic in the 79xx phone to do this. Im assuming with the next versions of the 79xx series, there will integrate bluetooth into the base units.

good luck!

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