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Would this work? Shared line VG224 IP Phone with fax?

Yeah, I know.. it sounds goofy. The customer is requesting if this would work.

IP Phone with extension x4000

VG224 port with x4000 (shared line)

The idea is that the customer can have the IP Phone in the living room and some analog cordless phone in the bedroom on the vg224 port with shared line between the two so both will ring. I do not see a problem with that.

They threw in the question if the analog had a fax machine plugged into it. Being fax over t38 thought the vg224, shared line, to the PSTN gateway on the PRI might be a little tricky.

They would have some sort of rules for the fax machine or we would change the amount of rings or whatever. (up to them, I told them it would be easier to give them a second vg224 in the suite instead of using the shared line)

But they want to know.

In theory would it work? (if the stars aligned, nobody picked up either shared line phone, etc) for inbound.

For outbound, it should not be rocket science, but being a shared line with fax capabilities, Im still not convinced.

This is for residential, of course, not corporate environment.


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Re: Would this work? Shared line VG224 IP Phone with fax?

Hey Tommer,

I was always told "the customer is always right!" so I know where you are coming from :) This can work as long as the Ring settings are staggered like you nicely noted. I would totally agree that a second analog port for the fax is a better bet, but like you said "if the stars align" this should be a fairly workable solution.



Re: Would this work? Shared line VG224 IP Phone with fax?

yeah, I could not confirm if the T38 and shared line would mess things up with the fax machine. But yeah, if we stagger the rings enough to make it work, I guess then go for it.


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