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xcoding question

Hello Guru,

My topology is a typical centralized call manager/unity connection deployment. like below

Remote Site1, IP phones and gateways at remotesite1 device pool, within the region, G.711, with other regions, G.729

HQ, IP phones, gateways and voicemail ports are in HQ device pool, within the HQ region, G.711, with other regions, G.729

on the Unity Connection, I setup call handler for RemoteSite1 AutoAttendant, so when remote site1 local PSTN caller called the AA pilot, Unity Connection will answer the call

because the region setup, so all remote site1 outside caller called the AA number, hit the gateway, show voice call summary, shown only G.729 call (which is right, but voice quality is not that perfect). is there anyway I change such G.729 call to G.711 call without change the region setup? I really means the xcode method.

(btw, my current unity connection accept both G.711 and G.729 codec while recording format is G.711, I plan to remove the G.729)

I added the hardware transcode resource to the remote site1 device pool.

my question is, if the xcode resource will be added on the call at the time hit the gateway or xcode will be inserted at the HQ site? if not at the HQ site, is all the call go WAN will become g.711?

overall question is, based the setup, what the best practice is to ensure better quality for AA over the WAN?



Re: xcoding question

when u register ports if they support g729 cucm will be aware that devices support g729 and will connect the call since codec being configured bewteen endpoints do support g729.

if the ports dont support g729 anymore but region is still configured g729 cucm will allocate xcoder so call flow will be

device supporting g729 -- g729 -- xcode -- g711 -- vm ports. thats why u need xcoding at remote site so across wan call is using g729.

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Re: xcoding question

Thanks for the reply.

Want to confirm some things.

for my case, if Unity Connection only support G711 codec, so the outside caller at Remote Site1 called the AA, the call across the WAN is still G.729, however, after hit the Unity Connection, xcode resource will be inserted by CUCM, therefore, the call became G.711 between CUCM (???) and the vm port?

you mentioned for this case, the xcode resource will be invoked from remote site router, right? my understanding is the xcode resource close to the destination, so would be xcode in HQ or soft xcode

if the Unity Connection support g.729, so the end2end call will be g.729, however, since the recording format is G.711, so when the caller hear the greeting, it is somehow a G.711 call, please clarify, if it is, another xcode resource needed, who will be the resource? HQ or RemoteSite1?

Thanks again

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