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XCP Router Service Down in IM&P 10.5

Hello Everyone, how are you all?

I'm having bad times with a new installation of IM&P 10.5 and CUCM 10.5.

After all the server installation I can't get the XCP Services to run in IMP (I can active them in service activation, but in Control Center they fall to Not Running).

I'm thinking that maybe I miss some config to the XCP service to go UP. But in documentation there's no indication that is needed, although the federation.

I reinstalled the IM&P server and the same problem occours. Could this be related to some Hardware spec?

I noticed another issue, but I thnk is related to the XCP server Down. When I try to edit some configs I got the error "Update failed. TypeDbErrors.gen35021", like in presence settings section.



One more hint to help out, in RTMT I got the error 255 when XCP-CONFIG runs:

2014-07-14 17:28:42,664 INFO  [XCPConfigMgr] xmlframework.XCPConfigMgr - XCP-CONFIG: Calling Logging Script

2014-07-14 17:28:42,678 INFO  [XCPConfigMgr] xmlframework.XCPConfigMgr - XCP-CONFIG: Command returned with error code 255

2014-07-14 17:28:42,678 ERROR [XCPConfigMgr] xmlframework.ConfigCNHandler - XCP-CONFIG: Logging Script Call Failed. Error Code 255


Any help will be aprreciated.

Thank you very much.



New Member

Well, as I could see its not

Well, as I could see its not a commom problem.

Since I'm still deploying the machine I reinstalled all the servers and the problem is gone after rebuilding CUCM and IM&P 10.5.

I hope that no one needs to do it while in production time.

Case close.

New Member

I reinstalled all the servers

I reinstalled all the servers and the problem still exist after rebuilding CUCM and IM&P 10.5.

New Member

Sorry to hear that.

Sorry to hear that.

Maybe you could check the logs and see if there's something there.

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