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xmedius fax pull hair out

customer has cm 4.2 and mgcp gateway with xmedius boardless server. So far so good. However, it was determined that the version of CM 4.2 did not support mgcp access to the fax server card. Customer did not want to upgrade so Xmedius vendor says. You need another gateway to make it a direct t38 connection. So.. we purchased another gateway and created a back to back t1 connection to the primary mgcp gateway on a spare T1 port. fax call comes into primary gateway and delivered to CM via mgcp. I have a translation pattern which takes the incoming number adds a nine and sends back to primary gateway as an h323 connection. primary gateway has pots peer which sends to new gateway. New gateway has voip peer which delivers it back to primary gateway to fax card service module address. Believe it or not this convoluted mess works to a point. I actually get the fax train if I call. However, Xmedius vendor says no data is transferred. They have a wireshark on the the nic for the fax blade. They want me to open a case with Cisco. Does anyone have any ideas. Do I have to code anything out on voip services or anything else to make this work?

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Re: xmedius fax pull hair out

I do not see why it has to be soo complicated, take the fax server on the second GW and configure a voip peer between the old and new GW and use fax passthrough to avoid IOS fax termination issues.

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