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IOS DNS local-cache for IPv6 ?

Hi there,

I have a humble question on whether it's possible for IOS DNS server to sniff and store mDNS (or other way) speaking hosts in order to track SLAAC-ed endpoint IPv6 addresses and their hostnames for comfortable connectivity using FQDNs among IPv6 hosts on different L3 subnets?  Based on what I've reserched on CCO the chance is almost none..

I'm preparing CPE design for IPv6 rollout and this would be fine feature to offer with small sized deployments without having to run some central DNS server taking care of this (will be considered, optionally).

Thanks for your response.


Peter Gasparovic

Community Member

IOS DNS local-cache for IPv6 ?

mDNS/Avahi/Bonjour support in IOS would be awesome.

Next Best Thing: Deploy a router CPE to your customers that has room for Cisco GNU/Linux AXP Module.  ~BAS

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Re: IOS DNS local-cache for IPv6 ?


I'm sorry but we need to keep Cisco CPE line at this moment :-)

Well, I spent these 3 days in tough condition trying to make IOS DNS server what it's not :-)) A DDNS-capable one. I simply can't understand why such "easy" and rather useful thing compared to milions in IOS code is not supported. From my experiments in IPv4 yet, I can't get DNS server to respond to SOA query as would be needed per RFC 2136 and highlighted by this WinXP doc, which I have referred to :

Another quick link almost touching it...

So, I leave this for whoever might find this issue in coming weeks or months - to help save his time. With very little hope, that someone from related BU could think of it and put it on roadmap. Perhaps.. one day


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